ZHOR is an integrated solution, bringing to your car – old or new – a number of services and functions like no other in the market.

ZHOR is designed to be installed in most cars, pickup trucks, and SUV models and its main feature is an elegant 7-inch multi touch display, stylishly developed to integrate itself with a variety of different vehicles seamlessly.

ZHOR is an aftermarket solution that is firmly attached to the car’s dashboard, making it safe and noise free, yet simple and easy to install. The ZHOR console is mounted on top of the dashboard, with all cables and connections concealed inside, for style and practicality.
The number of services and gadgets that the average driver uses is growing exponentially. At the same time, no effort has been made to integrate all these gadgets in one product that seamlessly integrates with your own car. There are some market solutions that require a dedicated central dashboard console, which unfortunately is absent from the majority of cars, pickup trucks, and SUV's. Others rely on installing several components in a crude fashion, with exposed cables and noisy supports.

On the other hand, car manufacturers have lately been focused on solutions that integrate several services and functions in a console that is no longer embedded in the central pillar, but instead is placed on top of it. This, however, is a solution only for new cars, and cannot be installed in other vehicles. Furthermore, it is often too costly for those who are buying a new car to include it in their bucket-list of options.