Cláudio is an industrial designer whose professional life is driven by passion and a deep commitment to sustainable design processes. His attention to detail takes into account human-scale values and real-world problems.

His role in the ZHOR project is focused on design development and product art-direction, thereby defining the main design guidelines for the functions and look-and-feel of the product.


Grey-bearded, almost half a century of age and father of 5 children, Moritz took over the protector role within the team. Based on his vast project management experience in the automotive supply business, he focuses on the over all schedule, risk evaluation and quality planning for our ZHOR.

With the already chosen industrial partner, it will be his job to coordinate injection-mould manufacturing, assembly layout, and production trial runs to finally assure series production according to highest automotive quality standards.


Nelson is a savvy Product Expert with a rare blend of technical and business expertise. His strong skills and never ending motivation to make things perfect allow him to be an effective team leader in situations where results matter. With more than 20 years of successful experience in developing plastic parts he has designed perfect solution for you and your car: ZHOR.


Pedro is the Project Manager, an entrepreneur with extended expertise in engineering and business development that spends his life searching for the next big thing in technological solutions. He has a broad experience in Commercial, Human Resources and Consulting areas, making him the ideal man to steer the project.

He has been with ZHOR from day one, and has coordinated hardware/software integration and development, as well as all different aspects of product development; from the first sketches to prototype testing.


After successful crowd-funding financing, we will start the pre-production process, in order to conduct final tests, along with product certification. The production stage is expected to last two months, from June to July, with delivery of the first batches starting in August 2015.

Our team has made a big effort to get the best delivery forecast and create a solid production plan. Our primary goal is to keep everyone updated during the development and production stages.