ZHOR’s main features are:

• Internet integration, with internal 3G connection or smartphone generated internet hotspot (when your phone is an internet sharing compatible device);
• GPS navigation system with integrated fuel consumption data;
• Display customization according to your car’s brand;
• Voice operated controls;
• Rear-parking camera with assisted guidelines;
• Front wide-angle dashboard camera with loop recording;
• Video calls with integrated screen camera and microphone;
• Mirror your smartphone screen on the 7-inch display (on compatible smartphones with a custom free app);
• Car data analysis and real time monitoring of speed, RPM, temperature, oil pressure, fuel consumption, among others (data from each car onboard computer may vary);
• Support for audio streaming services and Internet radio;
• Integration with your Smartphone, allowing calls and text messaging;
• Audio connection to your car stereo, by Bluetooth and supplied AUX cable;
• Micro SD card for multimedia data.

ZHOR comes with the following equipment:

• 7-inch, variable brightness, multi touch display;
• OBD2 connector to get valuable data from your car’s computer;
• A rear-parking wide angle camera;
• Pre-assembled set of cables to interconnect all devices and power the main console;
• Assembly components and tools.


ZHOR’s layout was born from a simple concept, where functionally drives the entire process. Our product reveals an honest understanding of design philosophy with neutral aesthetic values, which grants a wide range of possible applications. Our simple design also grants coherent guidelines for future ZHOR family products in our envisaged brand ecosystem.

how it works

Our initial goal was o make ZHOR an easy setup solution, with full wireless integration between components. Following a number of tests, we discovered that sometimes the vehicle’s electrical environment can be harsh, and interference causes some communications to be broken, decreasing our product performance.

Our solution was to create a cable oriented approach, namely for connecting the OBD2 equipment and the rear-parking camera. This enables a robust solution for communication with these important components. The connection to the car stereo is preferably made using Bluetooth, but we will also provide you with an AUX cable that connects to older car stereo models.

Finally, we kept wireless connection between ZHOR and the driver’s smartphone for practicality. In sum, you’ll have to install some cables when you first add ZHOR to your car but you will have no worries about cables during daily usage.

We took great care in designing all menus and interfaces, in order to provide a stress free interaction, with easily identifiable icons, and an appealing modern design.

Our goal is to provide a straightforward experience for the driver, in which every function is logically placed and every message is presented in a clear and effective way.

In order to better pair your vehicle with ZHOR, we designed a simple and appealing customization menu that transforms your ZHOR in accordance with your car’s maker and model.

Also, it was important to us that your ZHOR be an extension of your smartphone, so we not only included integration for your voice calls and text messages, but also provided a mirror function, which makes your smartphone screen come to life in ZHOR.
(This function depends on your smartphone operating system and requires installing a custom free application).


GPS navigation and rear-parking camera are becoming standard in every new car today, so we decided to install these functions in ZHOR, and since we can read fuel consumption information, we can also integrate this data in your journey planning.

Finally, internet access creates a number of different possibilities for using new services while in your car, including Skype Calls, audio streaming, internet radio, and consulting weather forecasts.

ZHOR is an integrated solution that boosts your driving experience, giving it a new performance so that you can “Switch on the future.”